Prophet Troy King

Prophet Troy King is the founder and Senior Pastor of Breakthrough Harvest Church. He was ordained as Pastor in the US Virgin Islands. He is a worldwide prophetic voice that has been anointed and appointed by God. Prophet King has traveled extensively around the world prophetically speaking the Word of God and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His spiritual gifts of prophecy, teaching, word of wisdom and word of knowledge have positioned him to be featured on major television networks such as TBN, Trinity Broadcast Network and The Word Network. Prophet King is a member and ordained Pastor through City Harvest Network of World Harvest Church, Columbus Ohio; under the leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley.  Prophet Troy King is also the Author of one of the best-selling books entitled, "I Need a Towel, Not a Title" as well as his newest book entitle " The Naked Truth". Along with being in pursuit of the will of God for his life as a Prophet and Pastor, Prophet King is also a husband and a father. He is married to Prophetess Nicole King and they have two children, Troy Jr. and Nevaeh King. Prophet and Prophetess King work as a team as Senior Pastors at Breakthrough Harvest Church, laboring together in the work of the ministry of restoring order back to the Body of Christ. Their mission is dedicated to winning souls for the Kingdom, empowering the youth and all men and women of God.   Not only is he equipped and gifted to lead God’s people, but God has also anointed Prophet King in entrepreneurship. He and his wife own and operate a successful  business, TKM Apparel. 

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